How Telisina improved customer retention by 47%

Our data strategy consulting services helped a client implement a single customer view that significantly
improved customer retention, minimized customer churn, increased conversions.



Data Management


Marketing Agency



Improvement in
Customer Retention Rates



Reduction in
Customer Churn Rates


From fragmented data to actionable, single customer views

A journey of navigating data complexities to unlock a single customer view, driving customer retention and conversions.

Our client, a digital marketing agency struggled with data silo issues, making it difficult to create a single customer view of their customers. Their data remained in fragmented systems, applications and tools, limiting their ability to track and predict customer behavior. This lack of understanding resulted in low retention rates, poor conversions, and a high churn rate.

The client engaged our services to help consolidate their disparate data sources, understand their customers on a individual level, and then leverage that understanding to drive their strategic decisions. We recognized their need for a single customer view that could serve as the backbone of their customer retention and conversion strategies.


Generate a single customer view to boost retention and minimize churn

The key objective was to create an all-encompassing customer view to drive retention, conversion, and decrease churn.


Single customer view drives individual-level insights

We devised a strategic plan to consolidate disparate data, and unlock valuable customer insights.

In response to our client’s challenges, we implemented a data strategy to create a unified customer view. This involved integrating diverse clinical, omnichannel, and demographic data into a single, reliable data model. Enhanced with advanced analytics, this model delivered the comprehensive 360-degree customer view our client needed.

With this new framework, the client could map customers’ journeys, capturing individual interactions. Leveraging predictive modeling, they designed customized marketing and sales strategies, significantly improving retention and conversions. Additionally, early churn signals were identified, allowing proactive measures that notably reduced churn rates.


Identified precise patient characteristics within the rare disease population.


Ranked trial sites and investigators by capability to function effectively.


Predictive model to calculated the patient population amidst COVID-19.


Mapped  patients to viable key investigator and trial sites.


Single customer view leads to unprecedented customer retention rates

Single customer view enables more effective engagement,
streamlined marketing strategies, and minimize customer attrition

Transitioning from scattered data to a cohesive 360-degree customer view propelled our client’s core metrics. With the unified data perspective, the client could better engage customers, optimize marketing strategies, and anticipate customer attrition.

Notably, their data-driven approach led to the following results: 47% jump in customer retention, driven by personalized interactions. They reduced churn by 28% by swiftly identifying potential churn signals, and they also increased conversions by 20% by leveraging data-informed, customer-focused strategies.

  • Increase in customer retention rates: 47% jump in customer retention, driven by personalized interactions
  • Reduction in churn rates:  Reduced churn by 28% by swiftly identifying potential churn signals.
  • Increase in conversion rates:  Increased conversions by 20% by leveraging data-informed, customer-focused strategies.


Improvement in
Customer Retention Rates


Increase in
Conversion Rates


Reduction in
Customer Churn Rates

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