How Telisina increased the number of high-quality leads by 142%

This case study illustrates how lookalike modeling delivered high-quality leads that didn't just resemble our clients existing customers, but mirrored their behaviors and preferences.



Advanced Analytics/AI


Marketing Agency



Increase in
High Quality Leads



Improvement in
Overall Conversion Rate


Redefining lead generation and acquisition

Facing the challenge of too few leads despite a large database, a radical rethinking was the path forward.

In an increasingly competitive market, our client, digital agency needed to generate high-quality leads that could convert into substantial business opportunity. Despite having a large database of potential leads obtained from previous marketing and sales efforts, their approach couldn’t isolate and target high value prospects.  Their primary hurdle was the disparate methodologies used to generate leads from previous efforts which provide little to no insight into their needs and behaviors.

Our client sought to increase the quality of leads captured by 40% by targeting prospects that not only looked like their customers but behaved like them too. They aimed to transform their approach to lead generation, prioritizing quality over quantity and focusing on behaviors that indicated a higher likelihood of conversion.


Increase high quality leads by 40% through behavior-based profiling and targeting

Go beyond simple lookalikes and tap into prospects displaying similar behaviors to existing customers.


Defining and capturing high quality leads with lookalike modeling

Harnessing historical performance data to identify and prioritize potential leads more effectively

Recognizing the client’s challenges, we implemented an advanced lookalike modeling strategy that leveraged their vast database.  We used historical omni-channel performance data to profile and analyze the behaviors of their most successful customer behaviors and identified common patterns, indicators and attributes. The historical performance data proved to be a solid foundation for generating lookalike models that represented their ideal lead.

We also equipped the client with insights into which channels and touchpoints these new leads frequented, allowing them to strategize their engagement more effectively. Furthermore, we deployed a lead scoring mechanism that prioritized these leads based on their potential value to the business, facilitating a more focused and impactful marketing strategy. This resulted in more personalized and effective engagement efforts, further boosting conversion rates.


Identified key attributes of providers who manage patients with the rare disease.


Mapped and ranked providers with patients likely to have rare disease.

Data Enrichment

Enriched provider profiles with clinical, geographic, demographic data.


Grouped providers with patients likely to register in clinical trial.


Significant volume of high quality leads

Achieved a surge in high-quality leads that mirrored the behaviors of our best customers.

Implementing our lookalike modeling strategy had an immediate and significant impact on lead volume as well as conversion rates.  Our client saw a surge in new, high quality leads that didn’t just resemble their existing customers, but mirrored their behaviors and preferences. They were also able to better understand what channels and touchpoints these leads frequented, allowing for more precise and efficient marketing efforts.

Key Results:

  • Increase in high quality leads:  An impressive rise in high-quality leads replicating the behavior of the company’s most successful customers
  • Increase in conversion rates:A streamlined lead scoring and prioritization process generated a 32% improvement in conversion rates.

Our client’s success story showcases the power and potential of our advanced lookalike modeling strategy in improving lead generation efforts and ultimately, enhancing business outcomes. It signifies the beginning of an exciting journey towards further optimization and growth.



Increase in
High Quality Leads



Improvement in
Overall Conversion Rate

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