How Telisina increased customer engagement rates by 34%

Our data strategy consulting services helped our client, a marketing agency transform their fragmented
data landscape into a unified model, dramatically improving customer engagement and marketing accuracy.



Data Management


Marketing Agency



Improvement in
Marketing Accuracy



Improvement in
Customer Engagement Rates


Navigating the Data Maze

The quest for a single source of truth leads to data strategy

Our client, a marketing agency, was seeking to overcome their data fragmentation issues, decided to engage our data strategy consulting services. We first conducted a comprehensive review of their existing data landscape, identifying key issues, and assessing potential areas for unification and improvement.

The collaboration started with a clear understanding of our clients objectives: to target and segment customers effectively, leverage AI/ML for advanced analytics, and improve marketing measurement and reporting. Our team of data strategists worked closely with them to develop a robust strategy focused on these goals.


Implement a unified data model to boost engagement and accuracy

A clear mission to improve efficiency, decision-making, and strategic business insights


Bridging the data divide with a unified data model

Delivering a tailored data Strategy to drive business growth and customer engagement

We crafted a bespoke data strategy, focusing on the creation of a unified data model. This model served as a single source of truth, allowing a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers.

It facilitated improved customer targeting and segmentation, which was crucial for their marketing strategies. Furthermore, the model was designed to integrate AI/ML capabilities for advanced analytics and automated predictive segmentation, bringing substantial improvements to their marketing measurement and reporting processes.


Identified precise patient characteristics within the rare disease population.


Ranked trial sites and investigators by capability to function effectively.


Predictive model to calculated the patient population amidst COVID-19.


Mapped  patients to viable key investigator and trial sites.


Driving new growth opportunities with unified data

We saw marked improvements marketing accuracy and customer engagement rates

The implementation of the unified data model brought transformative results for our client:

  • Improvement in marketing accuracy: The precision of customer targeting improved by 41%, leading to more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Increase in customer engagement:  The 360-degree customer view facilitated an increase in customer engagement by 34%, testifying to the power of a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior.


Improvement in
Customer Engagement Rates



Improvement in
Marketing Accuracy

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